Southern Saratoga County, New York

Twin Bridges Rotary Club

Karaoke, Karaoke, Karaoke

A magor TBR is cancelled for 2020

Twin Bridges has cancelled its Karaoke Night for 2020 dues to the Covid 19 pandemc. In past years Karaoke Night has been filled with fun, excitement and the knowledge that everyone is contributing to several different local charitable organizations. A signature event for Twin Bridges, Karaoke Night raised money to fund many different projects. In 2019 the event was held in September at the American Legion on Grooms Road in Clifton Park.

A karaoke contest with celebrity judges had winners taking home cash prizes as big as $500.

 A silent auction helps the cause and allows attendees to get some great deals. A wine pull and a major raffle added to the winning and the fun!